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If you are reading this, you have probably realised the immense value of your time. You know that not all tasks are equally weighted, and there are some things only you can do. For all the rest, you should delegate. And the simplest place to start, and with the lowest risk, is admin. But don’t just dive in without a plan.  Read our two-part series that will show you the two simple tasks that you can delegate to your Assistant today to have maximum impact.

How many hours per week do you spend juggling appointments? Do you look at your calendar and feel overwhelmed? Do you constantly rearrange meetings and struggle to catch up with day-to-day business operations?

Give your Virtual Assistant control of your schedule.

Your schedule is more than accepting and declining appointments and invitations. Rather view it as a way of achieving more by methodically structuring your days.

When your VA manages your schedule, you can increase your productivity by gaining more time to focus on the tasks only you can do.

Yes, having someone manage every minute of your workday will seem daunting at first, but in the long run will leave you feeling more in control.


The first step is to sit down with your Assistant and tell them what your priorities are. Seeing as this needs to be customed and managed around you, be honest about your habits and preferences. Communicate clearly what you want to be spending time on and where you want to spend less of your time. 

Consider factors such as:

  • What are your most productive times in the day?
  • Are there days you prefer to have no meetings?
  • How much time to block out for deep/focused work like research and writing
  • Do you prefer virtual or physical meetings?
  • Where should exercise be scheduled? Family commitments, breaks etc.?

From here on out, if anybody wants to spend any time with you, they need to go through your Assistant. Meeting requests, coffee dates, even personal events. No, when a friend asks to meet up for lunch, you’re not going to tell them to contact your Assistant. But you are going to ask your Assistant first to check your calendar and schedule it where most appropriate, because your Assistant knows what is important to you and how best to slot it all in. With associates, colleagues or potential clients, just say, “I’ll ask my assistant to schedule it for us.”

What will you gain through your VA managing your schedule?

A schedule means you know exactly what you are heading into each day. It protects you from staying busy with things that aren’t moving you closer to your goals. It keeps you from saying yes to unimportant events/occasions and keeps you engaged, in the moment, with your full focus.

In our next article, we will share the second task your Assistant can take off your hands, ensuring you remain focused and productive.

This article was inspired by Donald Miller’s video series “Business made Simple”.