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At some point, we all feel overwhelmed in our businesses or busy lives and could do with the support of someone lightening our load. A virtual assistant can make all the difference by taking care of the “busyness” in your life. That is busy work – work that is important but moves you sideways not forwards.

A Virtual Assistant can make all the difference by taking care of the busy work – work that moves you sideways, not forwards

Before appointing a Virtual Assistant, ask yourself the following questions:


1. Can you put together an outline of which tasks need to be completed and how you want them done?

2. Have you realised the value of your own time and are you willing to pay to have it optimized?

If you’ve answered yes to these 2 questions, you are ready to get the assistance you deserve. It is important to be clear on the deliverables you require to avoid frustration and wastages of time and money.


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: a virtual assistant frees up your time and headspace. This allows you to work more creatively and effectively and/or to focus on growing your business because your energy is no longer tapped by tedious tasks you don’t find fulfilling.

A Virtual Assistant allows you to work more creatively and effectively, because your energy is no longer tapped by admin


The list of available agencies, locally and abroad, is lengthy. There are also online platforms and forums to consult.

At AdminAssist we care about businesses and want to see them succeed. We provide professional assistants who work per hour to help our clients become even more successful. We have been serving clients since 2012 in a multitude of industries.


In many instances, it will be up to you to pick the best candidate for the specific tasks in your business. However, when the process of hiring a VA begins, it is crucial to communicate the skills you require. Ask the agency about policies in place when it comes to interviewing and a “testing” process.

There is no ‘One-VA-fits-all.’ You won’t find one person who will be excellent at everything – blog posts, editing, accounting and audio recording all at the same time. Just like you, she’ll have strengths and weaknesses and therefore retaining another assistant on your database is a good idea.

Once you have found suitable candidates, let the journey begin. You deserve to reach the next level.