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 We care about businesses. We want to see them succeed!

How do we help?

We hand-pick the best of the best and place our Assistants where they have maximum impact. Because they have industry-specific experience, they learn your preferences and procedures quicker, helping you grow even more successful.


01. We reap what we sow

So we treat others the way we want to be treated.


02. Time is all you have

So we should use it well. Do what you do best and outsource the rest.



We do what we said we’d do, when we’d said we’d do it.

leaders IN THE FIELD

A Team of Professionals

Lourita Stofberg

Founder + Director of Finances

Lourita is the founder of AdminAssist. She is a maximizer – she can see the potential in people, situations and things and know how to apply it to full effect. She’s also a guru at making the most of opportunities. 

Lourita wants her clients to do more of the things they’re good at and to outsource the rest. This is the best way to make an impact on the world.

Letitia Purchase

Director of Team Development and Operations

Letitia is next-level when it comes to research, strategy, project management and empowerment, which is why she’s focused mainly on our assistants – recruiting them, placing them and caring for them.

Letitia draws from work experience in both fast-paced, high-flying corporations as well as from personal, specialised industries.

Matching the right assistant with the right client and seeing them succeed together, is what makes Letitia come alive.

Marcia Venter

Director of Sales & Marketing

Marcia holds an Honours in Marketing Management, making her the marketing director at AdminAssist.

She is a multitasker of note and has an uncanny ability to keep multiple balls in the air while humming a happy, trendy tune.

She’s lived in Africa and New Zealand and is on a mission to solve one administrative crisis after another across international borders.

Get more done.

Outsourced Admin Services. Virtual Assistants. Virtual Bookkeeping.

Get more done.

Outsourced Admin Services.
Virtual Assistants. Virtual Bookkeeping.