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Although we are nearly reaching February, it is never too late for kind words and well wishes! From all of us at AdminAssist we wish you a prosperous and successful 2018.

Last year proved to be a big year for us and we want to share how 2017 equipped us to better serve you this year and how it has shaped our plans for the next 12 months.

1. Two is company, three means BUSINESS!
We are so excited to announce this news! The AdminAssist family has welcomed a new business partner, Letitia Purchase. Letitia is next-level when it comes to research, strategy, project management and empowerment, which is why she’s focused mainly on our assistants – recruiting them, placing them and caring for them. Letitia draws from work experience in both fast-paced, high-flying corporations as well as from personal, specialised industries. She’s a great addition to our team!

2. AdminAssist was recognised and awarded.
We shared the news as it happened, however it remains a highlight of 2017 for us!

  • We were finalists for the FairLady Woman of the Future 2017 Award. This honour showed us the value of the role we play in our assistants’ lives and encouraged us to focus more on their empowerment. In 2018 we will have training courses for the assistants to gain technical and soft skills, we will arrange monthly networking events where the assistants can share tips/best practices and support each other, and we will increase our platform for assistants to build their own businesses and dreams.
  • We were awarded the Top 20 Small Business Award from the NSBC (National Small Business Chamber). This offered us some encouragement that we’re on the right track – it proved we have value in the market and that we are not alone when it comes to facing the challenges of building a strong and meaningful business. We’ll be touching base and networking with several of the business owners we met here, learning what we can, motivating ourselves and expanding our working relationship and offering.

3. We conducted business with an 11-hour time difference over 11000km
Marcia, our marketing director, was based in Auckland, New Zealand since June and has arrived back in South Africa in January. Marcia ensured we stayed on track with our marketing efforts, as she would have done here in SA! This just proves how AdminAssist is experienced and knowledgeable in operating the virtual world! Through this experience we will be implementing new strategies on how to better serve our international clients and streamlining processes within our day to day sales and marketing efforts.

We believe that 2017 held many lessons for you and would love to catch up over a cup of coffee or a Skype session to listen to your stories and kick off 2018 together!