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Business Admin

Time is all we have. We have to use it well and not get bogged down by work we don’t have to do. Like admin….

AdminAssist provides PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANTS WHO WORK PER HOUR and help people from everywhere in the world get the most out of their lives.

Having an assistant is like having a superpower – while you’re doing one task, she’s completing the other. Admin Assistants can help with business admin such as accounting, processing e-mails and product research.

They can help with personal admin such as creating meal plans, making hair appointments or sorting slips. They can even offer support with more advanced services such as transcription, translation and drafting minutes.

Whether clients use our service on an ad hoc, temporary or permanent basis, they will receive an assistant with proven experience and integrity,

Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Sorting and capturing receipts
  • Posting in bookkeeping systems
  • Sending statements to clients
  • Sending payment reminders
  • Bank recons
  • Paying my staff
  • Submitting my VAT
  • Drawing up financial statements
  • Preparing tax returns
Sales, Marketing & Customer Care
  • Building a database and sorting out my existing database
  • Arranging a stylish stand at an expo
  • Arranging marketing events for my company
  • Coordinating the design and printing of marketing material
  • E-mail screening for customer queries
  • Travel arrangements
  • Following up on people and projects
  • Diary management
  • Collecting feedback and testimonials from clients
  • SMS’s for client birthdays or appointments
Documents & General Business Admin
  • Typing services
  • On-site filing and organising
  • Scanning documents
  • Completing forms for e.g. credit applications or registration as preferred supplier
  • Processing my e-mail
  • Managing my diary
  • Internet-based research on for e.g. products, prices or office equipment
  • Sending SMS’s to my clients for e.g. birthdays or appointment reminders
  • Reminders for special dates such as licence renewal or anniversaries
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Following-up with people
  • Taking notes during meetings
  • Internet based research
Specialised & Technical Services
  • Translation
  • Transcription (typing a recorded conversation)
  • NPO (Non-Profit Organisations) registration
  • Sitting in on meetings to draw-up minutes or draft minutes from a recorded meeting
  • Project management
  • Managing CPD points
  • Event coordination
  • Trademark searches


Personal Admin

Gone are the days when only CEO’s and The Queen had personal assistants. With more and more individuals working from home and conducting highly productive lives, personal assistants now also help these persons keep ahead of their lives. Even better if these assistants are virtual so as not to create the need for office space.

Do you need to find a shelter near your home to donate old clothes to? What about organising the moving company for packing your house or researching the gear and time needed for a new hobby? A Virtual Assistant can help you with these and much more.

Personal Errands | Arrange

  • Shuttle or taxi services
  • Reservations for accommodation
  • Fun and/or educational activities
  • House cleaners in your area
  • Dentist, Doctor and Haircut appointments
  • Appliance repair or maintenance visits
  • Dinner reservations
  • Dinner parties and Play dates
  • Car service appointments
Personal Errands | FIND


  • Best priced hotel for your next holiday
  • Closest place to renew and acquire passports
  • Dog-friendly B&B, a hobby shop in your neighbourhood
  • A place to donate old clothing and furniture
  • Office or living space in your preferred neighbourhood
  • Tickets to events
  • Send gifts for special occasions
Personal Errands | mANAGE



  • Airline miles
  • Medical aid claims
  • Your children’s school calendar
  • Assignment due dates for your courses
  • Online orders on your behalf
  • Reschedule package deliveries
  • A regular weekly date night with your significant other
  • A healthy meal plan
  • Volunteer opportunities

5 Hour Money Back Guarantee 

Our team of assistants are each experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. This makes it easy for us to stand behind the quality of our service offering as we know the positive impact our support makes in the lives of our valued clients. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the service received by your assistant, we will refund the first five hours of your invoice, once off. Some terms and conditions apply.

Our 5 Hour Money Back Guarantee is a great way to try our services and realise how a virtual assistant can make your life easier!


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