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One of the most impactful things successful leaders do is to delegate: To envision a better position for their organisation, pull a great team together, connect the right team members with the different “steps” to the vision and then watch the picture unfold.

Delegation empowers people, realises goals and creates winning organisations. You can start TODAY. And it can be as simple as handing over to your Virtual Assistant a few of the tasks listed below:

  1. Managing your inbox by flagging important emails for you and answering the rest
  2. Organising the creation of social media content
  3. Responding to social media messages, tweets, comments
  4. Refreshing your social media profiles with new images and copy
  5. Creating posts and images in Canva
  6. Gathering quotes from providers
  7. Gathering data from your industry
  8. Basic research on a new idea
  9. Drafting reports on Google Analytics or your CRM
  10. Posting transactions to your bookkeeping app
  11. Sending follow-up emails to leads, clients, meeting requests
  12. Handling minor customer service concerns
  13. Uploading items to your online store or resource centre
  14. Refreshing your website copy
  15. Transcribing webinars, short videos, podcast episodes so you can digest the info easier
  16. Reading publications, blogs, articles and summarising relevant content
  17. Completing forms for tenders, credit application, governing body registrations
  18. Booking travel
  19. Uploading blog posts
  20. Arranging functions such as staff training, birthday celebration, year-end
  21. Managing your meeting schedule
  22. Sending online surveys and monitoring the replies
  23. Sourcing stationery, equipment, products, customer and staff appreciation gifts
  24. Monitoring online forums
  25. Liven up PowerPoint presentations and proofread copy

Once you start delegating, you will soon taste the rewards – increased productivity, more time on your hands and greater impact in your industry. From there it gets easier and easier to delegate to the next team member. Start today. You won’t look back.