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Time is all you have.
We provide admin
assistants to help you
make the most of it.

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How will having an assistant
benefit me?

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Outsource your admin so you can focus on
the tasks you love, the tasks you’re good at
and the work that actually makes you money.

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Accelerate your Results

Benefit from a skilled and experienced person who does the job quickly and correctly. Having an assistant offers you great flexibility. While you’re doing one thing, she’s already finishing the next!

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Controlled Costs

Not only do service providers save you money on
costs like office space, internet, and annual leave,
they also allow you to increase your own billable hours.


We do Admin per hour

Time is all we have. We have to use it well and not get bogged down by work we don’t have to do. Like admin….

AdminAssist provides PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANTS WHO WORK PER HOUR and help people from everywhere in the world get the most out of their lives.

Gone are the days when only the Queen and CEO’s have assistants! Many people, whether they’re employed by themselves or someone else, quickly reach a point where they feel overwhelmed by their many responsibilities. Having an assistant offers you great flexibility – while you’re doing one task, she’s completing the other.

We exist to help people see the value of their time. If you prioritize your time above your money, if you have routine tasks and know how to delegate, then we can help you.

Why AdminAssist?

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Flexible and affordable admin per hour structures to suit businesses and individuals alike.
Dedicated part time assistant.
A dedicated assistant to take care of all your admin needs, from the very start of your project.
Part Time Assistant.
Proven track record of efficient and experienced assistants from many different industries.

Awards and Associations

7Q2 Sage One Small Business Awards.
Top 20 South African Small Business Awards.
Fairlady women of the future 2017 magazine cover.
Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa Badge.

Services we offer

Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Sorting and capturing receipts
  • Posting in bookkeeping systems
  • Sending statements to clients
  • Sending payment reminders
  • Bank recons
  • Paying my staff
  • Submitting my VAT
  • Drawing up financial statements
  • Preparing tax returns
Customer relations
  • Building a database and sorting out my existing database
  • Arranging a stylish stand at an expo
  • Arranging marketing events for my company
  • Coordinating the design and printing of marketing material
  • E-mail screening for customer queries or FAQs
  • Travel arrangements
  • Following up on clients, suppliers and orders
  • Diary management
  • Collecting feedback and testimonials from clients
  • Send messages for client birthdays or appointments
Documents & General Business Admin
  • Typing services
  • On-site filing and organising
  • Scanning documents
  • Completing forms for e.g. credit applications or registration as preferred supplier
  • Processing emails
  • Managing your diary
  • Internet-based research on for e.g. products, prices or office equipment
  • Sending messages to clients for e.g. birthdays or appointment reminders
  • Reminders for special dates such as licence renewal or anniversaries
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Following-up with people and projects
  • Taking notes during meetings
  • Event coordination
  • Internet based research
  • Website Maintenance
Specialised & Technical Services
  • Translation
  • Transcription (typing a recorded conversation)
  • NPO (Non-Profit Organisations) registration
  • Sitting in on meetings to draw-up minutes or draft minutes from a recorded meeting
  • Project management
  • Managing CPD points


Look what we have
done so far!

We hand-pick and screen the best of the best and place our administrators at your business where they will fit, have specific industry experience and can spend time to get to intimately know your preferences and procedures.

404 clients served

Business from 6 continents

15310 hours of admin done

18 033 database entries processed

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Virtual Assistants per hour

Admin Assistants can help with business admin such as accounting, processing e-mails and product research. They can help with personal admin such as creating meal plans, making hair appointments or sorting slips. They can even offer support with more advanced services such as transcription, translation and drafting minutes.

Whether clients use our service on an ad hoc, temporary or permanent basis, they will receive an assistant with proven experience and integrity, who will help them REDUCE STRESS, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND HAVE MORE FREE TIME!

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