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Social media has made work more fun. No one thought that it would be completely okay to be on Facebook for work, for example. In 2007, people would have accused you of pulling a fast one saying that you are online doing work on Facebook. What micro-managers have had to learn is that it is far more effective to expand brand awareness online. This way you reach more people and create opportunities for sales that did not exist previously.

Sharing is the exponential proliferation of something good that has changed someones life or way of thinking in an instant. So great the impact or appreciation for the discovery that it is worth publishing. That’s the commercial psychology behind sharing on SM platforms.  Today if you share a status which says:

‘Finally, I’m done with tax season. All that filing is now behind me…smiley.’

This would start an investigative conversation around ‘How did you do it?’

Suppose you used a Virtual Assistant to help you get everything done. Then the name of the VA or the company name gets highlighted and thrown around in the conversation drawing other participants to the conversation. Minutes later you have what would have taken days to organise, an office presentation of the VA’s products and services to potential users. Timing is also key. With sharing, you have to choose the best time and atmosphere.

Don’t just use our VA services, share, like and recommend them to many of your followers, business associates and friends. It makes more sense to spend time together creating new business opportunities than simply being tied up by admin. Who knows, maybe your next share will be ‘I have exceeded my targets for the year, already!’