The same way companies look at how well a prospective employee will fit into their organizational culture, the same can be applied to the process of finding the perfect virtual assistant for you. Your virtual personal assistant is your right hand (wo)man. It is important for you to know that together you can achieve the best possible outcomes. Below are 3 types of VA personalities and how they might complement your needs. 

Type A: The Rule-Setter

Virtual Assistants with this personality type are cautious with the power they wield and check in with you often on how you like things done. These VAs are the perfect fit if it’s your first time making use of a Virtual Assistant as they will remind you of tasks that need to be completed, requesting information they need to move forward, and proactively setting goals for you and your business to achieve success.

The Cool Cucumber

This type of Virtual Assistant is perfect for the worrier and overworked professional. These VAs know what they are doing, they have a plan. And don’t worry about the work too much, because it is all being done behind the scenes. You can throw anything at them last minute and they’ll handle it effortlessly. They adapt well to last-minute changes and aren’t stressed by things going off course- they are fine with it all. They only communicate when they need something or when something changes.

It’s Just Business

This is a straight-to-the-point, get in, get out, have a nice day type of Virtual Assistant personality. They are excellent at small but necessary tasks. They can set appointments, type up meeting notes, or even filter your emails. This VA will be a strong fit if your business is reasonably routine with not too many sudden changes in plans, and if you’re not looking for someone to enact huge changes in your business trajectory or make a lot of rules.

Finding a Virtual Assistant who’s the perfect fit for your business is paramount if you want to have a pleasant VA experience. Depending on what you or your business needs, our VAs at AdminAssist are there to help you out the best way they know how, and in a manner that is best suited to you.