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Before submitting your CV, please take note of the following:

1. Do not call or text the sales number provided on the website nor use the email address to follow up on (or send) your application.

2. Once we have reviewed your skills and found it relevant to a current job opening, we will contact you to discuss an offer.

3. Should you have trouble uploading your CV; complete the form and submit your application. We will contact you for your CV if necessary.

Failure to follow these steps may lead to you being disqualified from our process.

As a job seeker in today’s marketplace, temporary/part-time (T/PT) work offers you an alternative to a permanent, full-time position, allowing you to advance your career in a way that is more suited to your personal circumstances. AdminAssist specialises in the supply of temporary and part-time admin assistants who work both virtually or on-site and can assist you with your search for T/PT work.

AdminAssist is an admin assistant consultancy that provides services to a third party (“the Client”) and contracts temporary or part-time workers (“the Assistants”) to work on assignments for the Client. The assistant’s payment is usually calculated on an hourly rate and is paid by AdminAssist.

Professionalism, skill, good work ethic and a great relationship with both the coordinator at AdminAssist and the Client are crucial to ensure a steady stream of temporary jobs.

You will be working very independently and will mostly be monitored on the results you deliver. Therefore, it’s important that you organise yourself  well and convey that same image to both AdminAssist and the Clients.

Always follow instructions carefully and pay great attention to even the most minor detail.

You need very little to set yourself up with a good office: have a desk in a quiet space, get solid internet coverage and a trustworthy computer. Further to that a printer and basic stationery will be useful.

To better your chances, read this article before submitting your CV.

We ask you a series of questions after which we request a copy of your CV. Our aim is to better understand the skills you can provide to our clients, the experiences you have had in the working world and hone in on what it is that you really enjoy doing.

Only once we have possible client account/s that match your profile will we call you for an interview and various testing. We do not keep a list of potential assistants. AdminAssist focuses on keeping an active core team.

After a formal discussion, you will be required to complete and sign various documents such as an NDA, a fixed-term contract and New Employee Form.
<br Only once all legal aspects and documents have been covered and consented to will you be introduced to AdminAssist clients. 


We do not require payment to join our team or for the submission of your CV. Beware of scams!

The system is tested regularly to ensure application uploads are successful and applicant information is received in good order. Do not call or text the sales number provided on the website nor use the email address to follow up on (or send) your application.

Upon the successful submission of your information and CV, you will receive a message that states the following:

Thank you for applying to join our team! Your application has been received.

Your application is not automatically approved, so please don’t expect any job placements yet.

Once we have reviewed your skills and found it relevant to a current job opening,
we will contact you to discuss an offer.

Thank you again. We hope to chat with you soon!

If you have not heard anything back from us within 60 days of your submission you can resubmit your CV. If however, you do not hear back from us after the second submission please consider your application unsuccessful.

Temporary/part-time (T/PT) work is not like permanent full-time work where you receive a set salary automatically at the end of each month. T/PT work is paid per hour and requires you keep a detailed time sheet. We will provide you with a template to use, where you will complete information such as the start- and end-time for each job and what tasks you completed in that time.

You may have as many clients as you can handle effectively, because you manage your own diary. It is through wise time-management that you create good balance in your life and increase your earning potential.

There are multiple factors that determine the hourly rate of an assistant such as the complexity of a project, the lead time on deadlines, specialised services (ie. project management), whether the client is being supported locally or internationally, the nature of the project (ad-hoc vs retainer). Rates can also be influenced by whether the project takes place at the clients’ offices or virtually.

Very rarely do we offer after-hour projects such as data capturing and typing from home. You will need to be available to your AdminAssist clients in normal business hours.

Please state this clearly on the AdminAssist form below.

Yes, you may, but you may not approach AdminAssist’s clients for private work. This point is covered extensively in our agreement.