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Many people do not know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, and even more, do not realise their potential. If you have VA’s, this article will help you fully utilize their services. If you are still considering the option, this might move you to action right away and stop delaying your achievements. 

1. VA’s are part-time students doing admin on the side

You will find Virtual Assistants from all walks of life – some dynamic twenty-somethings “in the know” about all things technology, right through to highly experienced persons at retirement age, bringing a wealth of knowledge to their role. 

While you might need cutting-edge technology for faultless virtual meetings, you need solid industry knowledge for taxes and finances. As long as your Virtual Assistant fulfills the vital tasks needed, does age matter? 

Further to this, the field of Virtual Admin has become increasingly competitive, leaving very little room for fly-by-nights. Most VA’s worth their salt, are actually making a career out of their admin skills and take their position very seriously.

2. Virtual Assistants Can Do Anything. 

While it is true that good Virtual Assistants are professional, multi-talented people, you can’t expect them to be able to do every little thing you throw at them. Like individuals working in all industries, VA’s have a specific set of skills they try to optimize in order to specialize in their chosen field. This outlook makes them very valuable to your company and a wise client will support and strengthen this position to his/her own advantage.

If you have a Virtual Assistant, make sure you know what he/she does best, and if your needs go beyond their skill set, another assistant will be able to fill the gaps. 

3. VA’s aren’t as Efficient as classically employed in-office Assistants. 

There are mainly three reasons why the opposite is actually true. Firstly, Virtual Assistants usually work in a space that they’ve organized themselves and have set up with the singular focus of maximizing their productivity. Everything is in place for them to get things done well. 

Secondly, they do not have colleagues to distract them with chit-chat or extra-long lunch breaks. They can retain their concentration longer and do better work. 

Thirdly, they are usually responsible (even if it is only in part) for creating their own income. This means that good Virtual Assistants can plan well and work effectively, so as to earn the largest income possible. If they waste time or do bad work, it costs them at the end of the month.

4. Virtual Assistants sit around, waiting for work. 

Good Virtual Assistants will have multiple clients but will also be able to plan their workload. Therefore, if you set a task timeously and provide a clear deadline, there should be no delays. Most VA’s are professionals, and you should be able to trust them to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. 

5. Virtual Assistants are all Women. 

Yes, women are usually great at organizing and are more natural multitaskers. But not all women are good at being Virtual Assistants, and not all men are terrible at it. Many men are excellent at setting their minds to a task and getting it completed efficiently, even if it is admin. If your VA suits your needs and gets your tasks done promptly, does their gender matter? 

As the old adage goes, “Knowledge is power.” May what you’ve learned here assist you on your journey to accelerate your results, increase your income and save time doing it.