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So, you want a business that supports your life, and not one that takes over your life?

To us that sounds reasonable. The point of entrepreneurship is to create things, systems, products and services that make life a little more interesting, and a little more bearable. Business people around the world seem to agree that it is wise to include a Virtual assistant in one’s team, a person or group that meet a certain criteria. Many have said that the following holds some truth:

1. A VA must have exceptional attention to detail – This means that the person doing the hiring must look at themselves honestly and decide whether attention to detail is their strength, or not. When contracting a VA you are essentially calling on super powers. Somebody that is strong where you are weak. This is a tough decision which demands both maturity and confidence, but it is a rewarding process because you will be able to see whether this entity will add value to your business or not in the hiring/negotiation phase.

2. A VA must complement your personality – Sounds strange? Perhaps. However, it is true that once you have VA, it is like having a business partner, and you have to get along for most of the time in order to maintain a clear channel of communication – which is crucial to your success. How did we come to realizing this? Well, based on our customer feedback, we can see that this is also an important characteristic:

“Thank you very, very much! She was fantastic. A good listener, smart, confident and was not afraid to ask when she did not understand, etc. When I use your services again, it would be brilliant to have her help me again. “- Theresa Franken

3. A VA requires high energy – No, not necessarily from sugar or coffee, even though that is inevitable, but an energetic individual is a proactive individual whose energies are channeled correctly towards the task at hand. They get a lot of stuff done. They keep turning over quality work timeously. Most importantly, you need to feel that you can trust them to stay on the task for long periods of time.

4. They must be competent on all systems – You want someone who is easily encouraged to work once they have the various systems at their disposal. I won’t say a geek, per se, but someone who understands technology and how it is best employed in everyday tasks. This is so because in most cases, you may not have the necessary systems in place at the time of hiring, but when you get someone who knows what they are doing, then, both parties can find and employ the correct systems, fine tune them, update them etc.

5.They have to be hungry and proactive – You do not want someone who will depend on you to give them something to do, this type of individual would not count as an assistant. You need a person who will bother you for work and push you to improvise, plan, get creative and achieve more in the day than what you would on your own.

Happy hiring!