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How do you know you made the right choice with your Virtual Assistant? Or any assistant for that matter. In a previous article, we shared 5 of the 10 qualities to look out for in a good virtual assistant. If you want to see them, click here. Below you will find the other 5. 

6. Diligence
A diligent virtual assistant will be:

  • attentive to detail
  • responsible
  • persistent
  • able to take considered initiative

When you have found someone diligent, you have found a gem.

 7. Open-Mindedness
Good virtual assistants must be open-minded as they often do not have all the facts in front of them. They cannot disapprove of an idea without deeper investigation. They must be approachable and easy to team up with.

Further to that, if your assistant:

  • can see alternative solutions to a problem
  • adapts quickly to changing situations
  • possesses a cooperative attitude, you have found someone you can go to war with!

8. Confidentiality
Often, the more you trust a VA, the easier it is to share sensitive information like contact details, financial data and personal details. A good employee knows the true significance of this and will protect it at all costs.

 9. Trustworthiness
Trust is proven to be valuable currency in the professional field and is even more so in virtual relationships. You should be able to expect a high degree of trustworthiness from your virtual assistant.

10. Creativity
Creativity paves the way for innovative ideas that contribute to the competitive advantage of your firm. It contributes to various original ideas that the company can use or that act as solutions to a pressing situation. For employees to have a positive impact on the company, it is imperative to look for a virtual assistant who exhibits creativity.

*When we refer to one gender the others are also implied.