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  • How do you delegate tasks and yet remain in control?
  • What are the techniques to get the best out of your Contractor?
  • How do I know they can do the job?

These are some of the questions regularly posed to us because although the popularity of outsourcing has grown exponentially, some uncertainty remains.

An increasing number of entrepreneurs and professionals incorporate outsourcing as a business strategy. And it makes sense, to bring in expertise from the outside to deal with specific functions or tasks within their businesses. 

Here is a list of four best practices to optimise your outsourcing strategy: (Because we are a Virtual Admin company, we’ll use Virtual Assistants (VA’s) as examples)

  1. Introductions – Set Up For Success

Start with a clear statement of what you want to accomplish and communicate it to the Contractor/Virtual Assistant. During our onboarding process, we recommend clients set up a (virtual) meeting that serves to:
• Introduce yourself
• Communicate your scope
• Talk about how you want tasks to be completed
• Specify how regularly you want progress reports
• Decide on your preferred communication methods and the appropriate response times

This will set the stage for your working relationship together.  Be as specific as possible when delegating your tasks. Communication is critical to the success of outsourcing. 

  1. Start Low-Risk

It might go without saying, but if you start with a project that is relatively simple in scope, not only will it allow you the margin to make adjustments and give you an idea of the Contractor/VA’s capabilities, but it will also protect you from unnecessary loss before you ramp up your task list and move on to higher-risk projects.

  1. Master with Constant and Constructive Feedback 

At AdminAssist we feel it is good practice to provide regular and detailed feedback. We’ve found our Virtual Assistants fare better when they understand your preferences and style of work.

Providing ongoing feedback means you’ll catch hiccups in your workflow before they become a costly waste of time. If you have picked up on something that’s not to your liking, act immediately as this will ensure less rework.  

And of course, don’t be shy to hand out compliments to your Virtual Assistant or Contractor you catch them going the extra mile.

  1. Don’t Choose An Outsourcing Solution Based Solely On Price

One of the primary reasons for outsourcing is to cut costs, so although it can be tempting to opt for a service provider based solely on their low price offerings, in our experience, the most successful projects have been those with a balance of good value and quality results.

When comparing quotes, try to strike a balance between the quality of work you want and your ROI in the long run.

May these tips help you get the most out of your outsourcing experience and the relationships with your Contractors/Virtual Assistants and may your business thrive.