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Keeping an accurate account of communications is standard practice in today’s business world. Detailed written records of interviews, conference calls, keynote speeches, and meetings ensure your business has valuable information on hand, when needed.

Transcribing business events improves internal and external business relationships by bridging language gaps and accommodating those who could not attend.

Transcription is more than simple note-taking. It entails a comprehensive account of all details. Many businesses have realised the need for competent transcription skills and have seen the value in outsourcing transcription tasks.

Below are reasons why outsourcing your business transcription is something you should consider.

  1. Saving on business costs

The beauty of outsourcing means you only pay for what you need when you need it. Outsourcing transcription services means you don’t have to invest in a permanent staff member for a task that isn’t regularly required. This way you save on expenses and overheads.  

  1. Experienced and capable people at your fingertips

Capable transcriptionists should be trained, efficient and understand the importance of proper transcription. They should have an eye for detail, a sharp ear, and excellent typing skills.  

Transcriptions can be used in legal procedures such as disciplinary hearings, dismissals, investigations and even court cases. Therefore, it is imperative that transcriptions of these events are completely faultless.  

  1. Frees up your staff

Transcription usually falls onto the lap of whichever staff member attended the meeting, conference call, seminar, etc. Transcribing can take up plenty of time and energy, leaving them to neglect their core business tasks. Outsourcing transcription means your staff can put all their focus and energy into their fundamental responsibilities in the company. 


The benefits of outsourcing the transcription of your audio files are noteworthy. With the help of AdminAssist Virtual Assistants you can cut costs and free up your staff- leaving your business in a better position to prosper.