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Doing business is all about ROI – you’re either aiming for an increased outcome or a result that adds measurable value to your business. Don’t get discouraged by how daunting ROI might sound, if you think about it, it is quite a simple concept and your Virtual Assistant can help you achieve it by taking certain tasks off your hands.

1. Respond to emails and enquiries

Any business with an online footprint, whether through social media or a website, has created some kind of space through which they receive enquiries from potential clients. However, other important business activities so easily get in the way and the focus shifts from nurturing potential new business by attending to enquiries to maintaining other business matters.

There are potential earnings that are a direct result of investing into marketing activities or online visibility just lying in your inbox until you can get around to prioritising it.

Take the first step by involving your VA in the process of attending to your emails and enquiries. Take the time to sit with your VA and provide guidance on how you go about answering queries, thereafter she’ll be able to field them on her own. For example, do you send quotes immediately or do you request more information to work out a personalised quote? Do you have templates for different types of enquiries that you receive, or do you prefer a personalised approach when answering your enquiries?

2. Social Media Scheduling

As a modern business or professional you cannot afford not to be on social media and if you are then you are probably looking at optimising your social media reach. However, you won’t see any activity on your feed turning into profit if you aren’t online when your target audience is on their phone or computer.

A good place to start is by letting your Virtual Assistant help you by researching your target audience and the times they are most likely online. Your VA can develop a scheduling strategy, whether automated or manual, that sends out your planned posts and curated content on time. Communicating to your audience at the right time increases the chances of your sponsored posts or ad campaigns converting into valuable leads, clicks to your website and tangible sales.

3. Financial Tasks

We get it, no one (except a few super-humans) like the financial side of things. The sad truth, is that if you slack on elementary but important tasks like sending out quotes to potential clients, turning quotes into invoices and following up on outstanding payments, you are throwing away money!

Luckily for you, you have a VA (if not, let us hook you up!) who can help you get paid.

With an effective accounting system in place your VA can assist with quoting, invoicing and chasing payments remotely. Through a reporting system you can see what your cash flow looks like and she can communicate with clients while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Business is ever evolving and as an entrepreneur you always need to be one step ahead when it comes to maximising your returns. Letting a virtual assistant help you with tasks means you could be increasing your billable hours or focusing on other aspects of the business.