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A good Virtual Assistant fulfills a dual role – she* takes some of the load off of the business owners and she helps to get the business ahead again. She does this by completing numerous routine tasks on the owners’ behalf, leaving them mental space, energy and time to focus on business growth.

A good Virtual Assistant leaves you mental space, energy and time to focus on business growth.

This is an important role! Therefore, you must find a VA with specific character traits to ensure her work will meet your expectations. Here are 5 of these traits for you to mull over this week. 5 more to come next time.

1. Reliability 

Since a Virtual Assistant is (mostly) physically absent, she should be someone who can work with minimum supervision and still generate the desired results. Reliability shows in the little things, like arriving for a meeting on time. It means she can be counted on. Your VA needs to demonstrate precision and consistency.

 2. Accountability 

An employee who is ready to own mistakes and fix them is an asset to your company. Mistakes happen in the virtual world also, so it is imperative that your VA can admit faults, face consequences and take the necessary corrective actions. A good Virtual Assistant will also take steps to avoid future mistakes.

3. Punctuality 

Being punctual says a lot about your Virtual Assistant. It tells you how organized and how in control they are. It tells you how much they value your company. A good VA will reliably meet deadlines. 

 4. Confidence 

As a business owner and professional, you are aware that attitude is as important as aptitude. With that in mind, you would want a virtual assistant who has self-confidence. This relates not only to how confident she is about her skills but also about how she presents herself to you and your customers. An employee with confidence will certainly help your company present a positive image to your clients. 

5. Optimism 

Optimism and confidence go hand-in-hand and are key to being successful. An online admin assistant with a positive attitude can help you achieve company goals. They are adaptable to change, complain less and are solution-oriented. A true asset to any business. 

*When we refer to one gender, the others are also implied