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You are always working, always trying to stay ahead of the game, drowning in emails, arranging flights, following up on work for the umpteenth time no matter how late it keeps you busy. Perhaps it causes you to miss another birthday celebration and your family has just about had it with you. The good news? There is a solution!

Have you considered investing in a Virtual Assistant? She will be so much more to you than an assistant for once-in-a blue moon tasks, she will grow to become your right hand. And if you let her – she might save you many missed birthdays and late nights at the office.

Yes, you are a business owner and keeping a business afloat means making a few sacrifices, mostly affecting your personal life. Which is all the more reason to delegate the tasks that keep you busy after dark, to a VA.

Perhaps you need to get a flight booked urgently and your accommodation sorted out after they’ve given your room to someone else (again!). Your VA will gladly take it off your hands so that you don’t have to hold the line for customer services indefinitely.

Is a truck load of tax receipts hogging your family time and keeping you glued to a never-ending Excel spreadsheet while your friends are winding down with a glass of wine? Why not hand them over to your Virtual Assistant? Being as stellar at her job as we pride our VA’s to be, she’ll most probably do a better job of sifting through them and allocating them where they belong.

As an entrepreneur, or solopreneur, it is imperative to focus your energy on strategic planning and the crucial activities that help grow your business and income. More than that, we believe you need to do more of the things you love and delegate the things that drain your mental energy.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that you are essentially hiring a team player. Someone with whom you can establish a relationship that will free up your nights, keep you from burnout and relieve you of the tasks that are important, but transferrable. Through effective, clear communication you can train your VA to understand your business and its needs.

If we haven’t convinced you to let go of your after-hours admin runs just yet, perhaps Matthew Turner can:

“Your most precious resource as a human being (not just a business owner) is TIME. The less you commit to, the greater your focus. The greater your focus, the more impact you can have with the time you’re given. For this reason alone, everyone should hire at least one Virtual Assistant.”