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Being in business makes you realise that “follow-up” is not a courtesy, but rather an essential tool for your business’ success. Although often overlooked, following up with customers or potential clients is one of the most important business actions. No matter the reason for a follow-up, it keeps you at the back of your customers’ minds, ensuring they never forget about you. Polite and regular follow-ups can open up new opportunities, bring money into your company, and generate new business.

There are many aspects of business in which a consistent follow-up system can greatly benefit your business.

Customer Enquiries

The secret to landing clients and customers or winning deals is a timeous follow-up. Following up on quotes and quote requests, as well as proposals in a timely manner is what can land you the client you’ve always wanted.


Following up on outstanding debtor payments is crucial to your cash flow. When you have debtors that are yet to pay for your services or products; polite, regular and respectful follow-ups could be the key to them paying you their overdue invoices sooner rather than later.

Customer Invoices

Sending customer invoices is another crucial form of follow-up. Once you have rendered a service it is important that you ensure that payable invoices are mailed to customers in a timely manner soon after your interaction. This is to ensure that you get paid as soon as possible.

While the follow-up process is evidently vital to your business’ growth and success, it can take up a huge amount of your time. It is an aspect of business management that is overlooked because while it is necessary, it proves to be a tedious and time-consuming task demanding time and energy you simply don’t have. That’s why hiring a Virtual Assistant is your best option if you want to master the art of follow-ups.

Our VAs can effectively follow-up on crucial quotes, invoices, and debtors when you don’t have the time to. Meaning you can focus your energy on your core business functions while we help you with the tasks that ultimately nurture your business.