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There are a few reasons why a business would not employ a permanent, full-time assistant, including:

  • fluctuating workload
  • limited finances
  • insufficient office space
  • personal preferences

These businesses can benefit greatly from the services of a part-time or temporary assistant (most will even work on an ad hoc basis.) And, to top it all off, both these options are available in a virtual setting, making it all the better.

What you will accomplish by using the services of a part-time, temporary or virtual assistant include amongst others:

1. Increased control with fluctuating workload:

If a business has taken up special projects or if they have seasonal variations in their workload, hiring a part-time assistant or VA is an excellent way to mitigate the associated risks and costs.

2. Save Time and Money:

Permanent employees result in admin and costs around aspects such as UIF, PAYE, bonuses and leave. However, when you use a service provider, they take care of those aspects themselves.

Not to mention the hassle and money you save regarding recruitment, negotiations, payroll and more.

3. Flexible Contract Terms:

If you do need a permanent, full-time employee, you can test your workflow, training and procedures on a temporary worker before employing someone full-time. Also, most agencies offer a month-to-month option, making it very easy to change workers if there is a gap in skill, experience or synergy.

4. Maintain staffing ability:

You cannot control when your permanent employees need to take long periods of leave, such as in the case of maternity leave, medical operations or traumatic events. Having access to temporary or part-time assistants ensures that crucial support roles are not left unfilled for long periods of time.