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Meetings are an important part of everyday business life. Meetings are a hub for brainstorming fresh ideas, solving problems, interacting with clients, and getting familiar with the staff. Without them, your work life would be in absolute chaos. However, a meeting only poses useful when all the crucial discussion points were properly noted. Having someone handle meeting minutes is an important task that many often overlook. Without a clear recollection of what was discussed in the meeting, it is often hard to execute all that was said during the meeting.

This is all the more reason to outsource your minute-taking. Having someone solely dedicated to meeting minutes can do wonders for your business.

1. No one from the office will be taken away from their normal duties.

This means your staff can focus on their job tasks and make your business money. Furthermore, your employees can be fully present in and contribute to meetings, as they wouldn’t have to worry about meeting minutes.

2. The minutes will be accurate.

Outsourcing a minute taker who is skilled in what they do and is solely dedicated to meeting minutes means your minutes will be accurate, complete and useful.

3. Your minutes will be delivered when you need them

This is why you need to set aside 20 minutes each week to touch base with your VA.

Someone whose only task is minute taking and who is familiar with the art of transcription can have insightful minutes on your desks in no time- meaning you can act quickly!

4. You only pay for the minute taking when you need it.

Instead of burdening in-house staff with the tedious task of meeting minutes or hiring a permanent employee whose only responsibility would be minute meetings, outsourcing meeting minutes means you save money, time, and you are guaranteed quality meeting notes. Your company can be more efficient.
The Virtual Assistants at AdminAssist have mastered the art of minute taking. Hiring our VAs means you are handing over your meeting minutes to someone who is capable, who understands the value of meetings, and who knows what these meetings mean to the growth and development of your business. So why worry about your meeting minutes ever again?