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From communication to calendars and inboxes. In just four weeks, you can have a workflow that is as optimized as the most successful companies out there. 

We invite you to join our 4-week challenge and get the workflow between you and your VA as productive as possible. Ensuring you achieve results faster. 

Below is the process we’ll follow. Each week we’ll elaborate on the topic and provide all the steps you need to complete the challenge. The challenge doesn’t lay in what will need to be done, but rather in setting aside the time to do it. 

Week 1: Streamline your Communication – How do you and your VA communicate most effectively? How do you make sure they understand your instructions? How do you stipulate the response times you need? 

Week 2: Define your Priorities – How do you ensure your VA does work that makes you happy? How do you ensure the way they operate is how you would have? How do you keep the time between onboarding and flying as short as possible? 

Week 3: Hand over your Calendar and Create the Pause you Need – How can you lay out your Ideal Week? How can your VA help you get as close to it as possible? Who may and may not add items to your calendar? 

Week 4: Hand over your Inbox – How to train your VA to “sound” just like you when they reply on your behalf. How should they treat the various e-mails you receive? How to ensure you get only the e-mails that are truly necessary for you to get, and nothing more. 

Don’t delay. Start making the most of your time and your life. Join our challenge today by following us on social media:

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