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When professionals and entrepreneurs perform work that others are better (or at least more efficient) at, they bleed their limited, sacred resources: time and energy.  Not all tasks are equal and there are some only you can do. For all the rest, you should delegate.

If you dream of an optimised workflow, you are at the right place. Here are four tasks a Virtual Assistant can do that will help you increase your productivity, give you more time and maximise your impact in your industry. 

  1. E-mail Management

Is your Inbox splitting at the seams by the end of the week?

A VA can be a super, secret weapon making you doubly as productive. While they answer e-mails, you finish something else (think – meetings with stakeholders, closing new business deals, doing deep strategic work). With proper training, recipients will not even know it was not you who replied but your Assistant.

This article shares how to hand over your Inbox and get only essential e-mails. Nothing Else. When you drastically reduce the time you spend on e-mail, you have more capacity for wealth-producing activities, whether monetary or quality of life.

As a little bonus from us, look at Our Top 5 Email Templates for your VA to Use [and 1 Bonus].

  • Calendar Management

Do you look at your calendar and feel overwhelmed? How can you lay out your Ideal Week? Who may and may not add items to your calendar?

A schedule means you know what you are heading into each day. It protects you from staying busy with things that are not moving you closer to your goals. It keeps you from saying yes to unimportant events and keeps you engaged and focused.

When your VA manages your schedule, you can focus better on those key tasks only you can do.

This article (Hand over your Calendar and Create the Pause you Need) covers all you need to know to achieve this.

  • Bookkeeping

Do you rely on endless spreadsheets for financial overviews of your business and projects? Are you behind with your bookkeeping?

Accounting, as time-consuming and unexciting as it may be, is crucial for businesses of all sizes. No matter what business you are in, understanding the numbers is essential to keeping afloat.

An assistant can help take pressure off you by handling routine bookkeeping. E.g. Sorting and capturing receipts, processing invoices, sending statements to clients, sending payment reminders and reconciliation of bank accounts.

4.            Documents and General Administration

Drafting and formatting proposals, keeping projects within deadlines, following up with role-players, managing expenses and everything in between can get overwhelming. How much time do these tasks leave you to brainstorm your next big idea?

Rather than spend hours following up on suppliers, contractors, unanswered requests, and lost passwords, why not have your Virtual Assistant do it?

If there was ever a time to be more productive, deliver better quality work, and be calmer and happier – it is now. At AdminAssist, we provide the help you have been looking for.

“I do not have time to delegate right now.”

We get it. But if not now, when?

Yes, initially, delegating to a Virtual Assistant will take time. Likely, you will think: ‘It would be quicker just to do this myself.’ But the long-term goal is to free you from tasks that deplete your valuable time and energy.

Investing the time to teach a VA how to handle a specific task will take time, but the long-term result is you no longer have to do that task.