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Recently one of our trusted Virtual Assistants took to the streets to compare prices of a few products that many of us add to our shopping baskets on a weekly basis. Why? We want to determine which grocery store offers the lowest prices in South Africa.

It’s no secret that consumers are looking for ways to cut back on expenses and grocery purchases easily take up a large portion of our budgets.

Retailers continue to market themselves as the most cost effective and trying to help their clients save money.

For this comparison, we have taken 9 common food items from Checkers, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and Woolworths and compared the prices. We compared store brands (indicated in RED), where popular brand items were not available.

Comparison at a glance. Items as priced on 3 May 2019

With these specific items you would have saved between R8 and R31 shopping at Checkers, although the saving is not as extensive as expected. It is definitely worth shopping around, but as it seems these four retailers are sticking to their promise of delivering value for money and factoring in the cost of fuel, you won’t necessarily save money by driving from a store further away just because it’s a Checkers.

Saving Alert!
We identified a saving of R10.00 on Baby Soft® White 2Ply Toilet Paper 9Pk from Pick ‘n Pay and Woolworths, both R59.99 compared to Checkers and Spar which is charged at R69.99

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