It feels like just yesterday when we were ringing in the new year! It’s hard to believe that we have a little over one month left till the end of 2018. And the next few weeks always prove to be the busiest time of the year for small businesses and individuals alike. It is easy to fall victim to the annual end-of-year fever, and we don’t blame you. There’s so much to do, but so little time.

Business owners tend to use this time to reflect on the year that has come to pass. Did we reach the goals we had set out to achieve this financial year? What can we do differently in 2019 that will yield better results? Are our growth levels in line with our objectives? These are all factors to consider before wrapping up the year. However, these questions can only be answered once your business’ books for the year are in order and you’ve concluded year-end closing activities.

Before truly reflecting on all that your business has achieved and jetting off to your Caribbean holiday, you’ll usually find yourself scurrying through your finances to ensure that your financial records are in order, setting up the budget plan for 2019, preparing financial statements for the year, and so on and so forth.

While it is always a good idea to start on these year-end activities early, there’s nothing wrong with calling in an extra set of hands. Hiring a Virtual Assistant seems like the most viable option to get you through the end-of-year blues. This is so you don’t find yourself knee-deep in work during the festive season and having to miss out on your much-needed holiday!

The VAs over at AdminAssist can assist with your bookkeeping, data capturing, debtor management, expense tracking and they can even help you plan your office year-end party. Why? Because unlike you, they thrive under that year-end pressure. Furthermore, this leaves you more time to do some gift shopping for the upcoming office event. But then again, we can do that for you too.