Guest Blog from Outdoorsy

There are many things that you can do while working on the road that make your job easier. These can include anything from simple organizational tricks to hiring virtual assistants to help with the day to day tasks. Here are 5 of the best hacks for working on the road which will improve your work efficiency and allow you to get the most out of your RV working experience.

1. Hire a virtual assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is like an office assistant, they just work at a remote location. A VA can do your simple day-to-day tasks, from anywhere in the world! These tasks can vary depending on the type of work you do but can include answering emails, maintaining your social media presence, website updates, setting up appointments, data entry or bookkeeping. By offloading these tasks to another person, you can free up valuable time for you to focus on core business issues, that only you can handle. If you are in the market for a virtual assistant is a great place to start your search.


2. Run an Online Project Platform.

Online platforms like Slack or Basecamp offer an all in one location to keep everything organized in one app. As a cloud-based work center, it allows for increased productivity and effective communication, from wherever you are in the world. These sites integrate with a vast array of business management applications so they can act as a central point of contact to manage most of your business services.


3. Ask Alexa.

Alex devices will allow you to live and work more efficiently in general. This will allow you to create more free time which you can then dedicate to more work, personal or play time. If you are not familiar with them, Alexa devices are internet connected, voice-activated systems about the size of a soda can that can be given skills. A skill is a voice-controlled app that can do anything from playing your favorite music to activate your home security system. Many of these skills provide business as well as personal productivity functionality, making these devices idea hubs for your RV or road office.


4. Wi-Fi Booster/Network Hub.

A Wi-Fi network hub will allow you to connect all your Wi-Fi devices to a single device to create a wireless local area network within your RV. This will allow your phones, tablets, TVs, Alexa’s, printers and other wireless devices to communicate with each other in a fast, secure and efficient manner. Many wireless hotspots that connect to cell service offer similar functionality, but it is still better to add one of these devices for several reasons. First, they give you another level of defense between your internal devices and the outside world. It also allows you to easily turn off the internet without killing your internal communications. Lastly, these devices allow you to connect to the internet through the WIFI signal of the RV park you are staying in if it offers such a service. More importantly, these devices allow you to share a single Wi-Fi connection to the park’s network over all your devices. This is important if your RV park charges extra per connection or limits the number of connections per site.

These devices are small and offer better reception and broadcast signal strength than most of your individual devices. This allows you to place your equipment within your RV based on the most efficient location for your workflow without having to worry if the signal will be strong enough.


5. Mail forwarding services.

One of the most common issues facing those who work on the road is how to handle mail and package delivery. This is where mail forwarding services like come into play. These services give your business a physical mailing address (not a PO box) which can securely receive your mail and packages. Once they are received, you are notified by email and you can log in and see a scan of the outside of the package. From there you have several options. You can have them shred it if it’s not important. They can open it, scan it and post a PDF which you can read or print at your location. They can forward it to your current location. They can also do a combination of those services like open, scan and forward. Larger packages, anything UPS or FedEx will carry, can also be held and forwarded to a location where you can accept them. This is all done online through their website, so you have access to it 24/7.

These services give your business a consistent forward-facing address for your customers and provide a reliable place to receive your mail. Both are very important when working on the road.


These 5 top hacks will make your road office and road office experience more efficient. Using these hacks, you will be more organized, efficient and able to transfer information digitally and physically. These are critical things when setting up an office on the road which not only allows you to be successful but will also allow you to maximize your free time to enjoy all the benefits of working on the road.