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Group Opinions. Fake news. Real News. Panic. There is a lot of noise out there. A lot of malformed opinions, overreaction, insecurity about what is going on in this world and more specifically in our country.

Business leaders in South Africa need some time to pause. We need to sit still, become quiet and listen to our own thoughts because our thoughts influence our perspective, our perspective influences our words and actions, and our words and actions influence those around us….

We have a responsibility and we are accountable for how we influence those around us. Are we spreading fear, panic and negativity? Or are we stirring hope, showing how to stay strong and teaching about weathering the storms?
2018 was not our first tough season. We have done it before! Survival is in our blood. Getting up and going on is what we’re used to.

Now is a good time to stop and reflect. What are you telling yourself? What are you worried about? What are your fears? What is the truth? What really matters? What can you do to help others? What can you put in place to help yourself? What can you give? What lays inside you, waiting to shine?

When we think of the future, it’s easy to view it in exaggerated terms like it is ONLY going to get worse, we will ALWAYS struggle to survive. The reality is however that the future is, just like the present, just like right at this moment in your life, a mixture of both good and bad. Life is not so much hills and valleys where it’s all good at one time and all bad at another. Life is more like a train track where there’s something that is going well at the same time as there is something that is struggling.

As leaders, we have to be aware of how we think. We have to keep our thoughts in check, because, as said earlier, it impacts those around us greatly. We are here to make the world a better place. We were made to be light in this world. And remember, the darker it gets, the more light is needed.