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Looking to be a Free(er) version of YOU?

The average person in this day and age has a ton of things to get through every day which begs the question if 24 hours is really enough time to get everything done. Before you know it, your short days become so consumed with tedious yet necessary tasks, that one forgets to simply look up, breathe in and just enjoy the time one never seems to have.

Demystifying the value of a virtual assistant

One of the many benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant (VA’s) is the ability to tap into services anywhere in the world. One could argue time zone differences could challenge this thought, however…

Picture this: Send a piece of work to your VA in a different time zone and call it a night. When you hit the alarm for a 5-minute snooze the next morning, that very same piece of work is completed, ready to go, in your inbox.

The fortune is in the Follow Up!

Often overlooked, following up with customers or potential clients can open up new opportunities, bring money into your company, and generate new business.

4 Ways Business Owners Can Build Trust with a Virtual Assistant

No matter how business savvy, smart or talented you are, your success as a business owner depends on your ability to mobilise and motivate a team. Your clients know that you have integrity and can always get the work done according to their requirements, but what about your team? Do they share the same traits?

That’s the concern of many entrepreneurs when they consider hiring their first assistant. After all, they’ll be working remotely with someone they may never have met, how do they know that they can trust a virtual assistant?

Tackle Tax Season the Best Way You Know How- Outsource it!

Thankfully, tax season doesn’t have to be as daunting anymore. You don’t have to do your own taxes, and no one will judge you for it. You can get your accountant to do it for you, or you can hire a Virtual Assistant who also just happens to be a certified tax practitioner, to do the tedious task on your behalf.