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How to Onboard your Virtual Assistant

You’ve taken the step to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA). You’ve done the research, compared the options, signed the agreement and you linked with your VA. But now you may find yourself thinking, “I’m so busy. I barely have time for myself. Where will I find the time to train and on-board an assistant?!”

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. These are the small steps we suggest for getting you set up for success for the long haul.

How to take minutes: Easy as ABC – Accurate, Brief, Clear

Reflecting on meetings is an ordinary and necessary part of business. Assurance that the meeting went well and that you covered all your bases gives you peace of mind while you wait for the outcome. Good minute taking hinges on skill. Is the person that is taking...

The 5 Best Hacks for Working on The Road

GUEST BLOG – These 5 hacks will make your road office and road office experience more efficient. Using these hacks, you will be more organized, efficient and able to transfer information digitally and physically. These are critical things when setting up an office on the road which not only allows you to be successful but will also allow you to maximize your free time to enjoy all the benefits of working on the road.

5 Tips that make Booking your Flights a Breeze

To take away some of the anxieties you have about flying, our stellar Virtual Assistants thought they’d let you in all their flight-booking secrets that can save you some time, a couple of coins and a ton of travel stress!

Get Energized for the New Year! Get a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can take the pressure off various aspects of your life. The holiday season is ironically one of the busiest times of the year so having someone there to lighten the load for you either in your business or your personal life can afford you much needed time to rest and relax.

How to deal with the festive season and the kids!

While school’s out and the kids are enjoying a much-needed break from the books, this just means more juggling for you to do!  You must keep them entertained all while trying to keep afloat amidst the hustle and bustle of the festive season? Seems like a lot, even for a seasoned mom or dad.

Cheers 2018! Ending the Year on a High Note

Business leaders in South Africa need some time to pause. We need to sit still, become quiet and listen to our own thoughts because our thoughts influence our perspective, our perspective influences our words and actions, and our words and actions influence those around us…

The busiest time of the year is here; Cue End-Of-Year Hassles!

It feels like just yesterday when we were ringing in the new year! It’s hard to believe that we have a little over one month left till the end of 2018. And the next few weeks always prove to be the busiest time of the year for small businesses and individuals alike. It is easy to fall victim to the annual end-of-year fever, and we don’t blame you. There’s so much to do, but so little time.

Staying on Top of Your Budget With The Help of a Virtual Assistant

Taking control of your finances is a tough yet necessary task we have to take on as fully-fledged adults. While it may happen more often than we’d like to admit, a lot of us find ourselves crawling into the next month. What would be the logical solution to this issue?

The only tip you need to get your paperwork under control

Municipality accounts, marketing material, expense slips (receipts), marketing letters, notes from a meeting, letters from school, party invitations…. Apparently, we’re living in a world that is more and more virtual, but with all this paper it certainly doesn’t feel like we’re in the electronic age!

Left unchecked, your paperwork can get out of control. How do you get it back?