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We would like to start off by wishing all our loyal clients and dedicated staff a wonderful and prosperous New Year! As AdminAssist, we welcome more growth, success and happy clients in 2018.

And we know that apart from our cool and efficient service, what would make our clients even happier is if they were able to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions this year. Truth is, New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be as daunting as we make them out to be. If you set attainable, measurable and sustainable goals for yourself in the year to come, then reaching those goals is possible. However, there are countless reasons why many of us fail to pursue our resolutions, let alone achieve them. And while some goals prove to be more challenging than others, with the right plan and mindset, we can all be super resolution achievers!

  1. No more than 3 resolutions.

One mistake that many of us make is that we write a long list of resolutions for ourselves at the start of every new year. This makes it hard to achieve even one of those countless goals because you can easily lose focus and direction and jump onto the next one. Choose one goal that is particularly important to you, and two others you can work towards as well.

  1. Always write your resolutions down and post them somewhere.

This is a given when setting any goals for yourself! It is crucial that you jot down your new year’s resolutions so that 1) you don’t forget them, 2) you have a reference point, and 3) for motivation if you ever lose sight of your goals. Also, make sure that you post your short list of resolutions up some where you can always be reminded of them.

  1. Turn every resolution into a habit- sustainability is key!

Working towards your goal should be on your daily agenda. All the tasks, no matter how big or small, that bring you closer to achieving your resolution should be carried out religiously thus making them habit. Furthermore, once you have reached your goals, make sure that you keep at it. There is no use in stopping when you’ve ticked off your resolutions list. This will cause you to regress.

New Year’s resolutions are all about bettering yourself, ultimately adding more value and purpose to your life. And while you are busy working tirelessly to achieve your annual goals, our VA’s can handle all those things that get in the way of you living your best life!