We all know a guy like Steve. Steve who comes to work with a creased white shirt every morning, and always manages to get a coffee stain before 10 am. Steve whose corner desk is always a mountain of absolute clutter, with the occasional pizza slice lurking from days ago. Steve reminds you of someone at the office, doesn’t he? And if he doesn’t, then you’re probably Steve.

Apart from the fact that having a cluttered and unkempt desk makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing half of the time, it can also affect your productivity. And while cluttered desks may be a sign of genius, until people realise the genius within you, you’ll still be known as Sloppy Steve.

So, to prevent (or even cure) the Steve Syndrome in your office, we have compiled a couple of tips that’ll get your work-space in tip-top shape!

  • Have a trash can well within reach.

A simple solution that goes a long way! The main reason why desks are consumed by rubbish is because people are too lazy to get up and throw their litter in the trashcan across the office. Anything more than 2 feet away is not happening!

  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter.

Let’s face it- you probably don’t need all those office accessories laying all over your desk. There’s no reason why one person would need 3 staplers, or 5 complementary notebooks. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, you don’t need it!

  • Reduce the amount of paper you use.

Try to store as much of your information in folders on your computer as possible. Truth is, anything you can read and edit on paper, you can do the same on a computer screen. Plus, you’ll be saving the environment!

  • Always tidy up before you leave.

It’s best to clean up your desk at the end of the day. Not only does it bring closure to your work day, but it prepares you for a fresh start tomorrow.

If you’re Neat Nancy, and feel as though you don’t need these tips, then do the whole office a favour and pass them over to Steve! Chances are, he probably needs a virtual assistant too. You know who to refer him to!