“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time”- Leonard Bernstein. Why do these words always ring true when you need to plan an upcoming event, be it your son’s birthday celebration, your best friend’s bachelor’s, or your famous annual Christmas dinner party? While you probably have ideas and plans galore, it isn’t as trouble-free executing them and there never seems to be enough time or resources to do so. The road to becoming the host with the most is no easy feat, and unless you’re a seasoned party planner, you are most likely to come across a few obstacles that might take the wind out of your sails when trying to show up and show out for your next affair.

It’s nearly October, and you know what the next couple of months bring! The season of endless festivities has set up camp and it’s now time to whip out those dusty party-planning skills. And we all know, of course, that during spring and summer, you really don’t need a reason to throw a party and the intimidating thought of having to plan your next celebration shouldn’t stand in the way of that.

As if our dedicated assistants over here at AdminAssist weren’t amazing enough, they can assist you in organising your next big soiree. It just happens to be one of the many things in their skills set. Whether it be sending out invitations, helping you book a venue, finalising the catering or coordinating those impressionable dinner parties, our assistants are willing to help make your celebration one for the books. Furthermore, party planning is now made easier and not as grueling.

This leaves you enough time to focus on the little details that aren’t as stressful and truly make your event memorable!