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Gone are the days when only CEO’s and The Queen had personal assistants. With more and more individuals working from home and conducting highly productive lives, personal assistants now also help these persons keep ahead of their lives. Even better if these assistants are virtual so as not to create the need for office space. 

Do you need to find a shelter near your home to donate old clothes to? What about organising the moving company for packing your house or researching the gear and time needed for a new hobby? A Virtual Assistant can help you with these and much more. Have a look below: 

  • Arrange a shuttle or taxi service for your trips home from the airport
  • Compare pricing of hotels for your next holiday
  • Find the closest place to renew and acquire passports
  • Find a dog-friendly hotel for your upcoming trip
  • Manage your airline miles
  • Contact hotels to confirm your trip
  • Book fun and/or educational activities for your upcoming traveling trip
  • Keep you updated on affordable travel deals to your favourite destinations
  • Arrange house cleaners in your area
  • Scout a hobby shop in your neighbourhood
  • Place and manage online orders on your behalf
  • Locate a place to donate old clothing and furniture
  • Research available office or living space in your preferred neighbourhood
  • Schedule dentist, doctor and haircut appointments
  • Schedule appliance repair or maintenance visits
  • Make dinner reservations
  • Coordinate dinner parties and play dates
  • Purchase tickets to events
  • Schedule car service appointments
  • Create a healthy meal plan
  • Plan a regular weekly date night with your significant other
  • Find volunteer opportunities
  • Arrange regular orders for groceries and cleaning supplies
  • Find a banting produce service nearby and arrange monthly deliveries
  • Assist in planning and organize birthday, bachelor, and holiday parties
  • Find and send gifts for special occasions
  • Send thank you notes
  • Reconcile errors on your monthly bills
  • Call to cancel TV Services
  • Reschedule package deliveries

About Us

AdminAssist is South Africa’s largest and most trusted group of part-time assistants.
We love administrative tasks! And we’re really good at it too. So we do people, companies and various organisations’ admin on a part-time basis. Whether you just need someone to sort out your piling system quickly or a regular administrative assistant to support your daily operations, we have a solution!

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