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Ah, the exciting times we live in… Did you know that you could have a personal assistant or administrative assistant that doesn’t physically need to be in your office? It could happen that you work with a virtual assistant and never meet him or her face to face but have a great virtual working relationship.

At AdminAssist have our very own Virtual Assistants and thought we could give you some tips on how to work with a Virtual Assistant so that you can optimize the opportunity and make sure the process runs smoothly.

  • Agreement Terms

    Ensure that the Virtual Assistant acknowledges and agrees with the expected hours to be worked per day or week and also how they will be paid for their inputs. The way in which tasks will be submitted to them and on what frequency new tasks will be given (Weekly/Monthly).

  • Clear Expectations

    Be very specific when sending through jobs. Ensure that the job outcomes are understandable and that the Virtual Assistant knows by when jobs should be completed. Having clear expectations also saves time, cutting out any doubt in the Virtual Assistant’s mind on how a task should be performed.

  • Timeous Feedback

    It’s important to be available during business hours as the Virtual Assistant will direct any questions to you and will need timeous feedback before he/she can continue the job. In some cases the Virtual Assistant will need you to sign off on ideas or proposals – thus a quick response benefits you too!

  • Available Resources

    There are so many ways in which data and documents can be exchanged efficiently such as Dropbox. Make sure you get your Virtual Assistant linked to these platforms; this could save you and your Virtual Assistant a lot of time.

  • Recogition

    There is no better motivation than “Great Job!” and a simple “Thank you”. Let your Virtual Assistant know he or she is appreciated; great ways of doing this could be a Facebook shout out.

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Wishing you and your Virtual Assistant a pleasurable working relationship!

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AdminAssist is South Africa’s largest and most trusted group of part-time assistants.
We love administrative tasks! And we’re really good at it too. So we do people, companies and various organisations’ admin on a part-time basis. Whether you just need someone to sort out your piling system quickly or a regular administrative assistant to support your daily operations, we have a solution!

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