How do you know you have a good Virtual Assistant?

Gabriella Gioia - Marketing Assistant 

Part 1

The job of any executive or administrator requires an extensive amount of time. There are numerous day-to-day tasks to stay on top of, just to keep the company running smoothly. Virtual assistants are designed to take the load off of you. They help carry out all of your administrative tasks so you can focus on the aspects of your company that matter most. However, not just anyone will work well as an assistant. You need someone who meets certain qualifications to ensure the work he or she produces will meet your expectations. Over the next two weeks we will share 10 characteristics to look out for, here are 5 for you to mull over this week.

Assistants to suit your business’s changing needs


In today’s fast changing business environment, companies across all sectors continue to face all sorts of challenges in reaching their long and short term goals.  Business owners need to step up their game in order to stay relevant and ahead of their competitors.  With the growing need for new strategies and effective management, a new area of support has stepped into the services industry; The Virtual Assistant.  

How to Stop Doing the Things you Don’t Like

Lourita Stofberg – Founder, AdminAssist

The Art of Delegation Part 2

In a previous post ‘How to focus on what you do best and maximize your impact’ we stated that the most important reason for delegation is that it enables you to spend the majority of your time in your strength zone – causing you to be happier, more productive, deliver better quality work and increase your impact. But how do you delegate? 

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