Are you a Very Productive Person?

Are you a Very Productive Person? If so, you’re possibly deprived in these ways:


Running a business is not always the most thrilling thing, with tasks such as answering the same old questions from your clients, keeping the books balanced and following up on deals. Delegating or outsourcing these tasks to staff like virtual assistants, especially if the tasks are repetitive, can afford you more time to focus on the things that make you tick and make your business come alive!


Business and Personal Growth

Some tasks in a business are essential, but do not necessarily add to the growth of your company: think filing, preparing tax returns or organising staff events. If you hire a bookkeeper or virtual assistant to take on these types of tasks, you’ll have more resources to use for growing your business, yourself and your staff! There are so many exciting seminars, expos, networking events, online courses and more to attend, it’s a shame to miss out. This shift is a small investment which has the potential for big returns, benefiting both your wallet and your business. 



You may be spending more money than you need to. Virtual or remote working arrangements are becoming more and more popular for a reason. Apart from the reduced commutes, the increased productivity and the saving of time, the biggest reason is the saving in costs! Typical costs such as office space, internet, phone-lines, paper, coffee and toilet paper are greatly reduced, or even eliminated altogether. Many service providers, such as virtual assistants, also offer ad hoc options so that you do not have to hire someone full time.



We’re all good at some things and not so good at other things. When we spend our time working on the things we’re not so good at, it taps our energy. Conversely, when we’re working on the things we’re good at, we work fast and efficiently. So, for example, a virtual assistant would be able to do administration, sourcing and researching better and in half the time than you could do it! It is worth the time finding the ‘right’ virtual assistant – one that is complementary to your strengths, i.e. she’s good at the things you’re not so good at – as this will result in a mutually beneficial partnership.


Sleep and Relaxation

All of the points above make sense in terms of increasing your productivity, but have you considered that they’ll also reduce your stress and give you more SPACE? When last did you have a long lunch while reading a book? When last did have a little lie-in? When last were you on holiday? Not arranging and planning for the support you need for yourself, be it a virtual assistant, a graphic designer or manager-on-duty, can lead to increased stress, more anxiety and sleep deprivation. Although the concept often goes against our frantic busyness and drive, an extra bit of relaxation will help you perform at optimal level.


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Are you a Very Productive Person?

Are you a Very Productive Person? If so, you’re possibly deprived in these ways:


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