Pink is the new black this October

October marks International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women around the word. In fact, research states that 1 in 26 women in South Africa are at a lifetime risk of Breast Cancer.

The frightening reality about Breast Cancer, as with many other Cancers, is that it can affect anyone. And although older women are at higher risk of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, there isn’t a known formula on how to prevent the disease, or even an exact cause of the disease.

This is why early detection is vital. Monthly breast self-examination and annual breast-screening is key to decreasing the Breast Cancer mortality rates. Close to 90% of Breast Cancer patients survive for many years through early detection and undergoing necessary Breast Cancer treatments.

Truth is, we all either know someone affected by Breast Cancer or, are affected by Breast Cancer ourselves. Use October as a month to show all those affected by this invasive disease that you care and that they are not alone.

One way in which you could do this is to make pink your colour of choice this month of October! Furthermore, you can get yourself a pink ribbon to show your support to Breast Cancer survivors and victims everywhere.

Here at AdminAssist, we are particularly aware of this disease as a majority of our stellar virtual assistants happen to be women. We urge all our female assistants and clients to include a breast examination as part of their yearly doctor’s check-up as this is the ultimate way to bring awareness around Breast Cancer. We also encourage everyone to participate in any Breast Cancer initiatives that seek to fund Breast Cancer research, or further Breast Cancer education to the masses.

From the AdminAssist family to all the Breast Cancer soldiers and those affected by it- we want to show our support to you. We stand in solidarity with you during your fight!



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