3 Reasons you should take Women in Business Seriously

The world was fighting the biggest war that mankind had ever seen. On 6 June 1944, allied forced made a series of landing in France and conducted the most awful war recorded in our history. Every plane that flew over Normandy, every boat brought troops to shore, every ship that carried GIs and supplies, every tank driven by manly men and every bit of equipment carried by soldiers into battle was made by women operating machines in the United States and Britain. Women got so good at what they were doing that they became specialists and taught men how parts are created and how they are also to be joined. Women in civvies and women in uniform played their part in the writing of history for posterity, making their mark in the modern and post-modern world.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Europe’s richest country, Germany, is led by a powerful woman, Chancellor Angela Merkel. We all know about German industry and efficiency, and we could be forgiven for thinking of the country as an organization, or a corporation. It is an example to all nations of how well things can go when the correct policies and correct people are put in place. 

Without a doubt, women are by far much better organized entities than men. This month, as we celebrate Women’s Day, we think of the members of our awesome team who make up AdminAssist, yes, all 47 of them. Amazing individuals who make it possible for us to serve you, our valued client. Here are the reasons why we take our women seriously, and why no one should mess with women:

  1. Women are super organized – Possessing a natural sense of organization, women make tasks theirs. They own the work. They take responsibility of everything entrusted in their care. This quality is everything in the business world where clients reward service providers monetarily for the trust shown.
  2. Women are task-orientated – When you give your business to a woman, you can count on it being safe and taken care of. Administration does not only refer to a number of detached tasks that need one’s attention, but also it is the driving force being a living organism, such as a company. More and more women are filling the director roles in many organizations, and they are making their mark in the world’s economy, and not behind the scenes this time.  
  3. Women can perform a number of tasks all at once – Multitasking saves time and resources. What used to take a number of male employees to do, can now be done by a single woman. Of course, we do not need to tell you that the more you get done, it is the more that you will have time to do what you love most, and that is to make money.

This Women’s Month we salute not only our staff, but also our female clients who keep us busy and onto of our game. To you we say…thank you!


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3 Reasons you should take Women in Business Seriously

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