Successful business people rarely take notes themselves in meetings. This is why.

Few things are more detrimental to your business than poor service and minimal attention to clients and visitors when you are too busy with ‘business’. Your clients and customers are your business and they anticipate good service. Sometimes, in order to cover all your bases, you may need someone else to handle those tasks that will most certainly take your attention away from key business. 

At some point, you will need to delegate. Administrative details are a good start when considering what to delegate. Even specialised administrative activities can be outsourced to an expert.

Taking minutes is a specialised detail that can be subcontracted to a trained professional. Documenting discussions and meeting outcomes are crucial for parties that engage in voluntary trade, or for building strategies in moving projects, campaigns and businesses forward. Successful business people rarely take notes themselves in meetings. During discussions they are absorbed in what they do best – negotiation and strategy. A distraction such as taking notes could rob them of their moment of brilliance. 

Whether for a planned strategy session, a sales meeting or an ad hoc internal meeting, getting a professional admin assistant to take minutes makes perfect business sense. Virtual assistants specialise in this area. We discern what clients need and how they want meeting outcomes to be organised. Asking employees to volunteer for taking notes in meetings may result in mediocre and inaccurate minutes while using the services of an outsider will ensure objectivity and professionalism. Briefing the assistant prior to meetings will further free you from worry so you can focus on what you do best, and that is to impress. 

Great business people have learnt the art of delegating tasks and improved their productivity by doing so. The recording of decisions and actions by a professional may be seen as a luxury by many, but experience uncovers it as a necessity. You need individuals who will bring the right tools into the boardroom. Professionals with the right software, skills and well-developed writing styles. After all, it won’t just be you reading the minutes of the meeting. 

Call us as AdminAssist today for a professional assistant to take minutes at your next meeting, or learn how else you can take advantage of our knowledge and skills.


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AdminAssist is South Africa’s largest and most trusted group of part-time assistants.
We love administrative tasks! And we’re really good at it too. So we do people, companies and various organisations’ admin on a part-time basis. Whether you just need someone to sort out your piling system quickly or a regular administrative assistant to support your daily operations, we have a solution!

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Successful business people rarely take notes themselves in meetings. This is why.

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