Modern Business Leaders make use of Virtual Assistants


It’s an interesting exercise to compare companies from around the world and how cultural context affects the way they do business. China conducts business differently to Saudi Arabia, and Latin America’s business dealings are not the same as those of the English-speaking world. Nonetheless, whichever country and its unique approach to business, one particular service seems to have struck a universal chord: Virtual Assistance. 

Everyone in business appears to remember the old days where executives had secretaries and personal assistants to see to all those time-consuming administrative tasks. This was the single auxiliary service they had at their disposal. Since then, corporate business and its internal functions have evolved through many changes and developments. Not only has the way we lay out offices and fine-tune staff seating arrangements changed, but – thanks to modern technology – so has the way we communicate. 

Advancements in technology are driven by a sole objective: saving time. Which in turn of course saves money. The way we acquire products and services has changed. You no longer need to take time away from your desk to visit the nearest computer store and buy your antivirus software; you simply make an online purchase and download it instantly. Furthermore, technology has made the incorporation of part-time assistants in daily business a routine occurrence. You may be surprised at the amount of tasks that can be completed without the need of someone’s physical presence at the office. The business of virtual assistance is a true revolution. It not only takes care of administrative duties, but also offers virtual professionals for tackling other areas of your business – from graphic design to customer service. 

In a fast-changing business world, the efficiency and dynamics of outsourcing and contracting individuals rather than filling offices with time-punching staff, stands undisputed. Virtual assistants are task-orientated specialists that will positively impact your business and bottom-line profits. In the words of Spanish entrepreneur David Gonzalez: “Gone are the days of bosses with secretaries”. 

During our birthday month, we hope to convey this simple message to you: make full use of our service and free yourself up to attend to core business matters. As a well-established group of professional virtual assistants in Johannesburg, we’ll take exceptional care of all your administrative requirements. 


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AdminAssist is South Africa’s largest and most trusted group of part-time assistants.
We love administrative tasks! And we’re really good at it too. So we do people, companies and various organisations’ admin on a part-time basis. Whether you just need someone to sort out your piling system quickly or a regular administrative assistant to support your daily operations, we have a solution!

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Modern Business Leaders make use of Virtual Assistants

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