Another year with you, our valued customer! Happy birthday AdminAssist!


In our birthday month we relish the opportunity to celebrate our existence alongside your business. What makes us who we are is understanding exactly where you’re headed in all your business efforts. While serving you, our client, we continually ask ourselves the question: ‘How do we remain relevant and of value to our customer?’

Finding answers to this question involves revisiting our own vision and mission. A virtual assistant offers a service that is beneficial – a contribution that makes a notable change in the business environment. Over the years the concept of innovation has captured the imagination of many entrepreneurs, and fortunes have been built on its premise. Yet through it all, there is one constant service that devotedly accompanies all these wonderful achievements: administration. Continuing in the spirit of innovation could mean outsourcing your office administration to the biggest and most trusted virtual part-time staffing company in South Africa. 

The function of a virtual assistant is an integral part of the planning process. The amount of work a company could take on with extra hands and the time and money that translates to, may only be calculated later in gains, which means that the decision to outsource a VA should be made sooner rather than later. 

It may come as a surprise to some, but hiring a part-time assistant will ultimately result in business growth. Having free hands to put to work means greater output and expansion. Thinking a VA to be nothing more than a liability may prove harmful to your business.

Here are some of the reasons we’re still considered the biggest and best VA Company in South Africa:

  1. Consistent quality – we strive to match our clients’ standards and work as they do. This takes a willing, teachable spirit and a love for organisation. We enjoy administrative tasks and we take pride in delivering work that is flawless and received with equal approval by our clients. 
  2. 100% involvement – taking initiative ensures optimal functioning of our clients’ business. This begins with doing every administrative task to the very highest standard and going the extra mile. 
  3. Attention to detail – what determines success or failure lies in the details. To optimise our clients’ time and resources, we do everything right the first time and pay attention to the smallest of details.

A celebration of our endurance is also a celebration of our clients’ ventures. Here’s to another year of excellence with AdminAssist at your side. 


About Us

AdminAssist is South Africa’s largest and most trusted group of part-time assistants.

We love administrative tasks! And we’re really good at it too. So we do people, companies and various organisations’ admin on a part-time basis. Whether you just need someone to change your piling system into a filing system or a regular administrative assistant to support your daily operations, we have a solution!

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