Creatives, this one’s for you: paying someone to help you be more creative









It is possible to hire someone to help you be more creative. A virtual assistant can take care of the menial tasks in your life and help unlock the creative genius within you. Just read on.

Putting your mind in play mode

We’ve all experienced the phenomenon that while we’re taking a relaxing shower, spending time on holiday or chatting to friends we suddenly come up with the answer to our problem, a powerful phrase or a stunning riff. This is because when we’re relaxed, our minds are in “play mode” and we’re more creative. Letting your mind be in “play mode” is not always easy in the world in which we live, but having a Virtual Assistant enables you to free up the space you need to let you be the creative being you are. This is because Virtual Assistants are able to take over the menial tasks in your life like bookkeeping, filing, preparing tax returns, devising marketing strategies or anything else that drains your creativity.

Record your ideas and let your VA get them on paper

When inspiration hits it’s usually not in a trickle, but in a stream! You have to grab the nearest notebook, napkin, menu- or even a body part -  to write down your ideas. If you just pick up your phone and record your ideas you can send the audio file to your virtual assistant to type out for you. Also, if you need an unbiased person off of which to bounce your ideas, your Virtual Assistant can help you gain new perspectives and different approaches to a situation.

Editing too soon stifles your ideas

Focus on your innovative ideas and let them grow freely into the masterpiece you want before you stifle them with technical correcting. Your role is to be creative and to focus on ideas and possibilities. Starting to edit an unfinished concept by judging it and picking it apart will certainly kill its natural blooming process. It’s best to get the project to a point where you feel you’ve maximised its potential and then let your Virtual Assistant jump in and do the logical thinking needed for editing and formatting.

Get the research and sorting done

You got the creative jolt you were after and now some research needs to be done. Is there already a book on this topic? A song with this riff? A website with this domain name? If you let your virtual assistant do this research for you, you’ll keep your energy focused on maturing the idea.

Furthermore, having too much information to begin with can hamper your ability to act as you can overthink a topic and exhaust its novelty. A Virtual Assistant can filter the available information according to your specifications so that you are not overwhelmed. This helps you relax your mind and go into the space you need to unlock the creative genius within you.

Relax more

A Virtual Assistant is able to take care of your office and administration needs while you take retreats and time off to give you the time and space you need to ensure flow in your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. A VA is able to look after the office, keeping business and stress away from you, while you work on the ideas that make you and your business unique. If a creative edge is what makes you tick, use a VA to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


Ultimately, your unique creativity is your greatest asset. Nurture it by making space in your life and schedule so that your creativity can truly blossom.

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