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Are you interested in joining AdminAssist as a part-time admin assistant?

As a job seeker in today’s marketplace, temporary work offers you an alternative to a permanent position, allowing you to advance your career in a way that is more suited to your personal circumstances. AdminAssist specialises in the supply of temporary and part-time admin assistants who work both virtually or on-site and we can assist you with your search for temporary work.

Different industries refer to a temporary position in different ways. ln general terms, a temporary employee is someone who works for a company on a non-fixed term basis.

AdminAssist is an admin assistant consultancy that provides services to a third party (“the Client”) and contracts temporary or part-time workers (“the Assistants”) on a temporary basis to work on assignments for the Client. The assistant’s payment is usually calculated on an hourly rate and is paid by AdminAssist.

This arrangement requires three parties (the Client, the Assistant and AdminAssist) to work together and carry each other’s best interests at heart.


Temporary work is not like permanent work where you receive a set salary automatically at the end of each month. Temporary/Part-time work is paid per hour and requires you keep a detailed time sheet. We will provide you with a template to use, where you will record information such as the start- and end-time for each job and what tasks you completed in that time.

You may have as many clients as you can handle effectively and you manage your own diary. It is through good time management that you create good balance in your life and increase your earning potential at the same time. 

To be successful in this industry the following is essential

Professionalism, skill, good work ethic and a great relationship with both the coordinator at AdminAssist and the Client are crucial to ensure a steady stream of temporary jobs.

You will be working very independently and will mostly be monitored on the results you deliver. Therefore it’s important that you organise yourself well and convey that same image to both AdminAssist and the Clients.

Always follow instructions carefully and pay attention to even the most minor detail.

You need very little to set yourself up with a good office at home: have a desk in a quiet space, get solid internet coverage and a trustworthy computer. Further to that a printer and basic stationery will be useful.

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